Let's explore the world of industrial heating systems, specifically focusing on three noteworthy technologies: Radiant Heating, Air Curtains and Unit Heaters. These systems are transforming the way we keep industrial spaces warm, safe and efficient.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a game-changer in the industrial heating environment by efficiently transmitting heat without affecting the surrounding air, resulting in no energy loss or degradation. This innovative system directly warms objects and surfaces within a given area, delivering uniform and comfortable warmth. Its energy-efficient design minimises heat dissipation and maintains a steady temperature, making it perfect for large industrial facilities.

iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels
iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels - Five Rivers Leisure Centre project

Air Curtains

Air Curtains are a vital component in maintaining indoor comfort while managing energy costs. Air Curtains produce invisible barriers of air that help prevent heat loss or gain through open doors and entrances. By creating a barrier, Air Curtains reduce the amount of cold or warm air entering or escaping, maintaining a stable indoor temperature and improving energy efficiency. These are ideal for loading bay areas, distribution centres and open entrances.

iForce Industrial Air Curtains

Unit Heaters

Unit Heaters are versatile heating systems widely used in industrial settings. They efficiently distribute heat throughout a space, providing a quick and reliable solution to combat cold temperatures. Unit Heaters are compact, easy to install, and can be powered by various energy sources, making them adaptable to diverse industrial environments.

Optimising Industrial Heating Systems

Understanding these heating technologies is important for optimising industrial heating systems, enhancing productivity, and reducing energy consumption.

If you’re looking to upgrade your facility’s heating system, consider the benefits of Radiant Heating, Air Curtains and Unit Heaters.

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