Kier Facilities Management contacted SPC to enhance Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre’s decarbonisation efforts. SPC produced a solution using their iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels, which were chosen to provide efficient radiant heating for the main sports hall area. Prior to the installation of SPC’s Industrial Radiant Panels, an old gas radiant system was used which relied on fossil fuels.

In total, five runs of iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels were installed in the sports hall, ensuring optimal heating for the space and its occupants. These panels feature anti-convective edge profiles that effectively reduce local convection at higher levels. This design improvement enhances the radiant effect of the panels by 81%. Such an advantage proves crucial for large areas like sports halls, leading to energy and operating cost savings of up to 15%.

The installation of iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels will help contribute to the overall success of Wiltshire Council’s carbon neutrality goals, making the Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre a sustainable and energy-efficient facility.