iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels

iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels feature large bore waterways measuring 28mm x 1.5mm in thickness, along with header arrangements to split and join flow. These panels can be arranged into individual modules measuring up to six meters, allowing for extended panel runs with low-pressure drops while maintaining the same end flow and return pipes for runs of up to 70m.

The product’s radiant surface consists of lightweight aluminium profiles, either plain or perforated, which are pre-fitted and removable. The finished profile exposes the underside of the water tubes and anti-convective edges, increasing radiant output to 81% of the total with a radiant emissivity of 0.95.

Combining steel waterways and an aluminium radiant fascia results in an industrial radiant panel with reduced weight without compromising its durability and strength. These radiant panels undergo ball resistance testing to DIN 18032 and can have their radiant profiles replaced on-site, if necessary, without the need for specialised tooling.

Features of iTwenty Eight Industrial Radiant Panels

  • Enhanced product durability with a reduced operating weight
  • Large bore waterways with minimal flow resistance
  • Proven energy consumption reduction
  • Pre-assembled for ease of installation
  • Modular design allows for runs up to 70m, joined on-site using standard press fittings
  • Same-end connections reduce installation costs
  • Adjustable hanging bars simplify on-site installation
  • Replaceable fascia plate sections on-site, without the need for specialized tools
  • Suitable for both heating and cooling applications
  • Fire-resistant insulation for added safety
  • Wide range of optional features available to meet specific needs

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