The school summer holidays are always a busy time for SPC and this year was no exception!

Replacing Old Fan Convectors with New, Modern Units

The project we are sharing today is from a summer school Fan Convectors project that took place in Plymouth, earlier in the year, in partnership with Totus Engineering. The school originally had our Belgravia Fan Convectors which were installed when the school was first built, however, these were almost over 40 years old – this just shows how robust and long-lasting our Fan Convectors are! As these Fan Convectors were reaching their end, it was decided that they should be replaced with our newer, modern and more energy-efficient units.

Enhanced Comfort and Energy Efficiency

The old Fan Convectors were replaced and installed with new units throughout the school and paired with our Modulo v2 controller allowing for proportional speed control providing enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

Positive Feedback from Installers and Caretaker

Several Belgravia Classic and Supreme units were manufactured for this school project; in the cloakroom and hallway area, our Belgravia Classic K-style unit was used. These units are vertically concealed with a rear-facing access panel and bottom inlet and top outlet spigots.

One of the installers on the project commented saying:

“The units were easy and simple to install.”

The Caretaker said:

“The new Belgravia Fan Convectors are easy to control using the Modulo v2 Controller.”

We are delighted to have been able to help this school with their Fan Convector project and we are confident that the new units will provide them with many years of trouble-free service.

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