Modulo v2:

A sleek, modern and user-friendly controller for your fan-assisted heater

Taking advantage of advances in the design of electric motors, SPC Modulo v2 proportional controller is designed especially for incorporation into systems using airside control via 0 to 10V analogue signals. The SPC range of heating units utilises EC/DC fans and in conjunction with the new controller will provide enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. 

The simplicity of use is key to the SPC Modulo v2. The thermostat is energised when the touch area in the top right is pressed and the touch areas in the bottom adjust the setpoint left and right of the controller – no other settings are required. The controller will then automatically control the rotational speed of the fan depending on the difference between sensed and setpoint temperature. 

A transparent cover box is available with a lockable cover if access to the thermostat needs to be restricted.

Energy Efficiency at Your Fingertips

The graph shows how the controller varies the speed of the fan in response to the difference between the actual temperature and the setpoint temperature. The fan speed is continuously varied within the proportional band to match heat output to the required load precisely.

Key Features

Energy saving via proportional speed control

Enhanced comfort via precise thermostatic control

Easy-to-use interface via touch area on the fascia

Can be supplied with ventilated, lockable, transparent cover for tamperproof applications

Compatible With:

Belgravia Classic Fan Convectors

Belgravia Supreme Fan Convectors

Powered Trench Units

Electric Trench Units