Heating and Ventilating Services of Nottingham, chose SPC’s renowned Belgravia Classic fan convectors as the perfect solution to provide energy-efficient heating for St James Church in Nottingham.

St James Church underwent a heating system upgrade which included the installation of a new boiler and SPC Belgravia Classic fan convectors.

Before the installation of our fan convectors, the church used to have old and outdated radiators which required a much-needed upgrade. To match the old radiators and the interior details of the church, the fan convectors had a special paint finish applied – RAL 3014 Antique pink.

Rev’d. Mike Forsyth from St James Church said:

Our Church is a large single brick historic barn conversion with a wooden roof… neither holding the heat in winter nor keeping cool in summer! Our old system had failed beyond repair and we were looking for something which would keep us warm in winter and be better for the environment. Simon from H&V Serve recommended these convector heaters because they would rapidly heat the church to a comfortable temperature without needing to run the heating for hours in advance like the old system (therefore better for the environment and on our heating bills).

These convector heaters have been installed and we have not been disappointed. One concern was that they would be noisy, causing a disruption during the services, however with three fan settings we can turn to the lowest and quietest setting during the services once the church has been brought to the desired temperature. We are very pleased that the convector heaters have been finished in a colour in keeping with our historic building. We now look forward to a warm and welcoming church this winter!”.

SPC offers EC motors as standard across the range of Belgravia fan convector units. Due to their electronic commutation, EC motors offer significant energy savings compared to conventional AC-driven motors.

These energy savings occur across the range of rotational speeds and are particularly pronounced at low speeds where the efficiency of a conventional AC motor decreases remarkability.

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