Thermatile Electric Radiant Panels

SPC Thermatile Electric Radiant Panels heaters are an alternative to low pressure hot water radiant panels. They are a good choice whenever hot water heating is not an option and they radiate heat into the space in an identical fashion.

Installation is simple and requires a standard 230V electrical supply. Additionally, the panels come in two standard sizes: 600x600mm and 1200x600mm, with heat outputs of 250W and 500W respectively, ensuring a comfortable and safe heating experience.

SPC Thermatile Electric Radiant Panel icon

Ceiling Mounted

Thermatile Electric Radiant Panels feature insulation across the entire upper surface ensuring that virtually all the heat is radiated downwards into the space. The panels sit in the suspended ceiling and include brackets for wire support from the soffit. Wire hanging kits are available to purchase alongside the panels.


Thermatile Electric Radiant Panels are available for free-hanging in which guise they incorporate an extruded aluminium frame around their edges. Insulation is hidden behind the frame which is drilled for wire hanging. Wire hanging kits are available to purchase alongside the panels.

Zone Control Kit

The SPC control kit for electric panels consists of a digital thermostat, remote black bulb sensor and relay box which switches the panels on and off. Up to 12 panels can be controlled from a single zone control kit.