Runaround Coils

Runaround coils are air to air heat recovery devices employed in applications where competing technology cannot be used. Such applications involve scenarios where the supply and extract ducting/air handling units are not adjacent to one another and the airstreams remain distant. The only air to air device that will function with remote airstreams is the runaround coil.

Standard Casing

The 45mm flanged casings suit general ductwork applications. The flanges are supplied pre-drilled to aid installation. For ‘standard’ cased cooling coils, the drain pan covers the fin block only.

Enclosed Casing

The 50mm flanged casing suits ductwork applications. They are complete with cover boxes over the headers and return bends to minimise air leakage. Welded and sealed cover boxes can be provided to further reduce air leakage. Drain pans on cooling coils extend under the headers and bends.

Unitary Casing

Unitary casing suits insertion into AHU or similar. It is complete with a baffle plate which is required to prevent air bypass to one or both faces. For cooling coils, the drain pan extends under the headers and bends. Alternatively, a perforated base is provided to allow drainage into a pan in the base of the AHU.