When Pencoys Primary School’s underfloor heating system unexpectedly failed, the comfortable learning environment for students and staff was disrupted.


Enter SPC’s Belgravia Classic Fan Convectors, providing a reliable and efficient heating solution to restore comfort and ensure smooth learning for children and staff.

SPC was contacted by Lorne Stewart Facilities to help with this heating situation and to provide a quick turnaround for the school.

Why SPC Fan Convectors?

Seamless Integration: Our Belgravia Fan Convectors with enhanced coils easily integrate into their existing system, seamlessly working with their new heat pump.
Sustainable Comfort: Extended cases on our units allow for energy-saving components like 2 port valves and BMS hardware, minimising long-term costs.
Proven Expertise: With over 50 years of experience, we offer a swift and efficient installation process.

John Warden, Senior Project Engineer at Lorne Stewart Facilities said:

“Using SPC for over 20 years, they offer easy installation, efficient heating, and quick response times.”

Considering Fan Convectors for your educational facility?

SPC offers a range of Fan Convectors for floor, wall or ceiling mounting applications including our Belgravia Tilevector for installation in T-bar ceiling grids, proven to deliver comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

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