Located in the heart of Oxfordshire, a historic Baptist Church stands as a testament to a rich past. But even places of worship can feel the chill, and this church was no exception.

For over 40 years, their trusty early-generation SPC Belgravia Fan Convectors, formerly known as Fenton Byrn, kept the warmth flowing. However, as time went on and with evolving efficiency standards and a desire for increased comfort, an upgrade was needed.

Tradition Meets Technology: The Belgravia Classic Steps In

Following a site survey carried out by Chris Ward last year, the church decided to stay with SPC, opting for our sleek and efficient Belgravia Classic Fan Convectors. These traditional Fan Convectors blend seamlessly with the church’s aesthetic.

SPC Belgravia BEL40 and BEL60 models were installed throughout the church, community room, staff room, and reception area, and now deliver warmth to the areas, ensuring a comfortable and inviting space for everyone. The installation was carried out by AHS Swindon Ltd.

Selected Components:

  • AF2 – Washable air filter across the rear of the air inlet grille
  • LTC – Low water temperature cut-out thermostat
  • P – 100mm high steel plinth
  • Textured SWF – Standard white finish textured RAL 9010
  • ECM – High performance, Low carbon, Electronically Commutated Motor
  • RS3B – Three speed Rocker Switch mounted on motor plate
  • TAP – Tamperproof fasteners fitted to access panel (allen key operated)

Beyond Comfort: Embracing Sustainability

This upgrade goes beyond comfort. The Belgravia Classic Fan Convectors boast impressive energy efficiency, significantly reducing the church’s energy consumption and environmental impact. In today’s world, where sustainability is crucial, this responsible choice resonates deeply with the church’s values.

A Welcoming Space for Generations to Come

This Oxfordshire Baptist Church’s heating upgrade serves as an example of responsible modernisation. Well-built structures can stand the test of time, and even thrive with the help of modern technology. By embracing innovation, they’ve created a warm and welcoming space that ensures comfort for generations to come.

Looking to Upgrade Your Heating System?

Whether you’re working on a historic building, a modern space, or anything in between, SPC Belgravia Fan Convectors offer a perfect blend of tradition, efficiency, and comfort. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you create a space that feels as good as it looks!

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