Hanley Library in Stoke-on-Trent has recently moved to a new location and SPC is proud to have been involved in the project by manufacturing Natural Trench Heating units and Forcefield Air Curtains for the new building.

Metropolitan Trench Heating is a discreet and efficient way to heat a space, particularly one with large areas of glazing. The trench grilles and trim at Hanley Library are finished in anodised satin silver and will effectively eliminate draughts by allowing cool air to drop into the trench and pass through the coils, picking up heat and circulating it over the window. The warmed air then circulates around the room before eventually cooling and falling to the floor.

Two Forcefield Air Curtains have also been installed in the entrance areas, which will help to keep the library warm and comfortable for visitors. Air curtains create a barrier of air that prevents draughts and heat loss, making them ideal for entrances and doorways.

The work was carried out by Staffordshire Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

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