SPC is a leading UK manufacturer of Coil Heat Exchangers, and we're proud to say that we build our units by hand in our Leicester-based factory. This allows us to have complete control over the quality of our products and to offer our customers the most competitive prices.

Specialised Machinery

One example of our specialised machinery is our Header End Closer machine. This machine is used to create copper headers for our coil heat exchanger units. Unlike other companies, who typically need to braze a separate end cap onto their coil headers (as shown in the image), our machine uses a spinning former which closes the tube end by friction whilst heating the copper and forming a domed end cap from a single copper tube.

Unique Process

This unique process offers a number of advantages, including:

Lower material costs: By forming the end cap from the same copper tube as the header, we eliminate the need for separate end caps, which can save our customers significant material costs.

Reduced production time: The End Closer machine is a highly efficient way to close tube ends, and it can significantly reduce the time required to manufacture coil headers. This helps us to keep our costs down and pass on the savings to our customers.

Improved product quality: The End Closer machine produces high-quality, leak-proof end caps that are perfectly matched to the header tube diameter. This helps to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of our coil heat exchangers.

Coil Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

In addition to our End Closer machine, we also have a variety of other specialised areas that allow us to produce high-quality coil heat exchangers quickly and efficiently. This includes:

  • A fin press for creating precise and consistent fins
  • A tube bending machine for shaping tubes to our required specification
  • A brazing department to braze the parts of our coil heat exchangers
  • A quality control department that inspects and pressure tests every coil heat exchanger before it leaves our factory

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