Project Details

Eight large chilled water cooling coils were designed and manufactured by SPC, manufacturers of heating and cooling solutions for the HVAC industry, for Sony Europe B.V.’s UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) in Pencoed, Bridgend (Wales).

Original 1991 Barkell Air Handling Units provide the ventilation and air conditioning of the 34,000 m³ production hall, where Sony Broadcast and Professional Cameras and Systems are manufactured.

Over several months, the Air Handling Units have undergone significant energy upgrades to improve energy efficiency such as installing EC fans, however, the original large chilled water cooling coils were in poor age-related condition following numerous historical repairs. In addition, the cooling load requirements had increased combined with higher and more frequent seasonal external summer temperatures.

Site Survey

Kelvin Lewis, HVAC Consultant, directly contacted our Area Sales Manager for the South West, Chris Ward and enquired if he could attend a site visit to provide a site survey of the coils.

A site survey was organised the following week, and Richard Meskimmon, Technical Manager, attended the survey to provide technical assistance.

Chris Ward said:

“We met with Kelvin Lewis, from Consult Services, and Jon Jones from Sony. They both walked us around the AHU plant area and ran through what was required from SPC. Richard and I took measurements of the several coils so that we could provide a quote for the project.”

Images from the site survey


In early 2022, an order was placed for the replacement chilled water cooling coils, which were soon placed into manufacture. It was requested that the coils be manufactured in stages so that the installation of the new coils could be carried out over a period of time.

SPC has manufactured heating and cooling coils for more than four decades for commercial and industrial applications. From sheet metal assembly and fin pressing to testing and painting, all of our coils are made by hand by a team of highly skilled operatives from our Leicester-based factory.

Over a period of a few weeks, the cooling coils were manufactured each with baffle plates, drain pans and aluminium vinyl-coated fins. Each coil was tested to 22 bar g before being prepared for painting, packaging, and dispatch.

Richard Meskimmon, Technical Manager said:

“To increase the available capacity of the cooling coils they were selected, by SPC, against more challenging conditions that the original coils. Combined with new, clean and uncorroded heat transfer surfaces, the coils now offer Sony the ability to significantly increase their rates of cooling.”

Images of the coil manufacturing


Installation was carried out by Jon Jones and his facilities management team.

Jon said:

“The installation of the cooling coils went well with no issues! During the extreme and prolonged high peak temperatures of summer 2022, we were able to control and maintain production hall temperatures with BMS-controlled coil ‘capacity’ to spare. There was significant cooling capacity compared to the original coils. Great job SPC!”

Installation of the new cooling coils

Jon Jones was asked a few questions about his involvement with the project and his experience with SPC.

Jon was asked what made SPC stand out compared to other manufacturers. He replied:

“The prompt site visit by Chris and Richard! They both quickly established and designed suitable replacement coils which could be installed in restricted available space with enhanced performance of the original coils”

How was your customer journey and experience with SPC?

“The customer journey and service were very good. I received accurate and concise technical drawings with performance calculations with a short lead time. The Sales team provided excellent service and communication was great from initial contact through to design, manufacturing, delivery and post-installation.”

About Sony UK Technology Centre

Sony UK Technology Centre Pencoed, Wales
Sony UK Technology Centre Pencoed, Wales

Sony UK Technology Centre is the manufacturing and customer service centre for Sony in the UK and houses over 20 related start-up and medium size companies.

The heart of today’s operation at Pencoed is centred on the manufacture of high-end technology Broadcast and Professional Cameras and Systems for worldwide markets. Cameras and equipment produced in Pencoed can be found in sports stadiums, studios and outside broadcast units around the world. Sony UK Technology Centre is the only facility outside Japan to manufacture the latest ‘next generation’ 4K camera units. With a focused team of highly capable people, quality is at the forefront of everything produced at Pencoed. The Sony UK Technology Centre has developed a reputation for manufacturing excellence, for which a temperature control within our electronic manufacturing area is critical.


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