Our range of SPC Belgravia fan convectors now comes with the option of having an enhanced coil, making them suitable for use with low water temperature heating systems.

The UK government announced last year its ambitious goal to increase the annual installation of electric heat pumps from 30,000 to 600,000 by 2028. This initiative is a key part of their commitment to building a cleaner, greener future for the country and reducing net carbon emissions by 2050. Utilising low water temperature heating systems is a crucial step toward achieving this environmental goal.

To support this change, we at SPC have incorporated enhanced coils into our Fan Convector range. This enables our fan convectors to be used with low water temperature heating systems, provided by heat pumps. With lower water temperatures becoming more common, we wanted to ensure that we can offer our customers a solution to maintain their emitter heat outputs.

A heat pump is a unit that extracts heat from the air, ground or water concentrates it to a higher temperature and delivers it elsewhere, for example, the heating system. Heat pump systems are designed to extract a greater amount of heat energy from the surrounding environment than the energy they consume in doing so, therefore they can act as a more efficient source of heat than a conventional electric heater, producing 2 to 3 times (or more for very efficient systems) as much heat output as they consume in electricity input.

Our enhanced coils incorporate an additional copper pipe and fins, increasing the surface area for heat transfer. This additional surface area offsets the reduced temperature difference available to maintain the rate of heat output. With the use of enhanced coils in our fan convectors, you can future-proof your fan convectors for any changes in your heating system i.e. the installation of a heat pump. Our enhanced coils can still be used with other heating systems such as traditional boilers.

When the time comes for when you decide to change to a more sustainable heating system that uses low water temperatures, your fan convectors will not need to be changed as they will have the necessary setup for lower water temperature heating systems. 

Richard Meskimmon, Technical Manager for SPC said;

“The majority of fan convector casings can incorporate enhanced coils in the existing overall dimensions or with very little modification. Unlike radiators, there is no penalty in terms of reduced wall space and retrofit fan convectors units for low water temperature systems can be seamlessly incorporated.”.

Fan convectors can be utilised in churches, schools, colleges, libraries, sports halls, hotels, boardrooms, hospitals, leisure centres, and a wide range of shops, offices, and industrial buildings.

For more information contact the sales office on 0116 249 0044 or spc@spc-hvac.co.uk.