A Trench Heating Solution For Every Application

Trench heating is an excellent solution for spaces that have large areas of glazing, minimal wall space, or require an unobtrusive heating system. However, traditional Trench Units require a low-temperature hot water heating system and pipework, making them unsuitable for some applications. In these cases, Electric Trench Heating is an ideal alternative.

Our units come with standard aluminium roll-up grilles, and we also offer optional anodised blade colours and stainless steel blades. Anolok finish grilles are also available. As we manufacture our units in-house at our Leicester factory, we can accommodate most custom size and finish requests, including curves and corners. Therefore, we can provide a Trench Heating solution for every application.

High Power Matched By High Safety

Electric Trench Heating units replace the traditional low temperature hot water system with electrical 230 Volt heat exchangers. These units feature ceramic PTC heating elements that can self-regulate and prevent over-heating, ensuring that the unit cuts out before any hazards occur.

Depending on the chosen configuration, one or more EC/DC crossflow fans will be incorporated into the unit. The fan speed is adjusted to provide an appropriate level of cooling air to the heating elements, ensuring optimal heat output.

Fast and Simple to Install

Our Electric Trench heating units come equipped with 1.2mm thick mild steel casings that feature knock-out sections for easy connection of electric cables. The casings also feature fine adjustment levelling screws at all four corners, allowing for quick and level installation. To facilitate installation, transverse bracing pieces and a protective cover are supplied with each unit.