Looking for radiant panels for your sports hall? Safety is paramount, especially when balls and shuttlecocks are flying about! SPC’s innovative Ball Guard Radiant Panels offer the perfect solution.

Our Thermatile Radiant Panels can be equipped with specially designed plastic ball guards. These guards consist of rigid plastic boards and brackets that effortlessly form a dome-shaped shield over the top of the panels. Here’s how they keep your sports hall safe and efficient:

Radiant Panel Ball Guard Diagram
Radiant Panel Ball Guard Diagram

Prevents Ball & Shuttlecock Traps:

The domed design deflects balls and shuttlecocks, ensuring they never get trapped behind the radiant panels. This keeps your games running smoothly and eliminates the need to retrieve lost equipment.

Easy Installation:

The plastic boards are pre-cut to perfectly match your radiant panel width. Fixing brackets simply slide onto the aluminium frame and lock securely with a tap of a hammer.

Reliable Protection:

Overlapping plastic boards and strategically placed intermediate brackets create a robust and secure assembly. This ensures the ball guards can withstand even the most intense sporting activities.

Maintains Panel Efficiency:

By preventing objects from getting trapped, the ball guards ensure your radiant panels function optimally, providing efficient heating and cooling for your sports hall.

Choose SPC’s Ball Guard Radiant Panels for a safe and efficient sports hall environment. Learn more about these innovative solutions and explore our full range of radiant panels today!

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