SPC recently showcased the versatility of its industrial heating solutions by manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive heating system for a workshop and joinery shop within a factory located in the Midlands.

Tailored Heating for the Workshop

Optimal Heating Capacity: Eight white CiRRUS Unit Heaters were installed, including seven Ci6 models and one Ci5 model, to ensure a comfortable working environment regardless of the workshop size.

Flexible Mounting Options: A combination of horizontal unistrut, angled bracket, and vertical drop rod mounting Unit Heaters were installed, maximising space and achieving targeted heat distribution throughout the workshop.

Precise Temperature Control: Our SPC Waterside Delta Controller was chosen for efficient water flow and consistent temperature regulation, creating a comfortable workspace.

Customisable Airflow: Standard and 4-way louvres were incorporated into the Unit Heaters, allowing for precise airflow direction and control to suit different areas within the workshop.

Energy-Efficient Design: The CiRRUS Unit Heaters operate with a water temperature setting of 70°C flow and 50°C return, optimising heating performance while minimising energy consumption.

Balanced Heat Output: Each Unit Heater was equipped with a 2-row coil, ensuring the perfect balance between heat output and system efficiency.

Radiant Comfort for the Joinery Shop

Direct Heat Delivery: Free-hanging radiant panels were installed in the joinery shop to provide direct and efficient radiant heating to workers and objects, maintaining comfortable working temperatures without excessive air movement.

Sleek Aesthetics: The radiant heating panels boast a sleek aluminium trim, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the joinery shop while protecting the radiant panel edges.

Streamlined Hot Water Delivery: 22mm pipe connections ensure an efficient and streamlined hot water delivery system for the radiant panels.

A Commitment to Customised Solutions

This factory heating project showcases SPC’s ability to combine various heating solutions from our extensive range of HVAC products to create a bespoke and energy-efficient system that caters to the customer’s specific needs.

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