During the school summer holidays, SPC worked with M.Bufton Plumbing & Heating Services, for a Fan Convector project at Newtown High School in Wales. A total of 21 Belgravia Supreme Fan Convectors were manufactured and supplied to the school to significantly improve the heating system in one of the school’s campuses.

Key details of the project:

Quantity: 21 SPC Belgravia Supreme Fan Convectors
Model: BS Floor Mounted units
Unit Sizes: SPR40, SPR60 & SPR90
Finish: Standard white textured RAL 9010
Fan Convector Features: Built-in speed change thermostat and on-off thermostat

Fan Convector Options

SPC’s Belgravia Fan Convectors are designed to ensure optimal heating while seamlessly integrating with the school’s aesthetic preferences. Belgravia Supreme Fan Convectors stand as the perfect heating solution for educational environments, characterised by their ergonomically rounded design, devoid of sharp corners, prioritising both safety and appearance in educational places.

Additionally, SPC Fan Convectors offer versatility, including options with Active (Low Surface Temperature) LST Control, catering to special needs schools or places where safety and care are paramount. Condensing boiler/heat pump alternatives are also available to further tailor the heating solution.

The installation for this project was carried out by M.Bufton Plumbing & Heating Services, ensuring a smooth integration of this heating upgrade.

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