We’re changing the way you choose our HVAC products with the launch of our brand new online product configurator – a free and user-friendly online software that takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect equipment for your project.

Our innovative product configurator simplifies the entire process into three easy steps!

1. Select Your Product:

Our comprehensive selection of high-quality HVAC products in this software includes:

Belgravia Fan Convectors & Tilevectors: Ideal for efficient and discreet heating solutions.
Forcefield & iForce Air Curtains: Create powerful air barriers to control temperature, dust, and pollutants at doorways.
CiRRUS Unit Heaters: Provide effective and targeted heating for warehouses, workshops, and other large spaces.

Find the perfect starting point to match your specific project requirements.

2. Customise Your Project:

Go beyond basic selection with our configurator’s in-depth customisation options! Choose the ideal:

Unit Sizes: Ensure you have the right capacity to meet your heating or air control needs.
Configurations: Tailor the unit to perfectly fit your space and application.
Accessories & Extras: Personalise your solution with several additional features to optimise performance.

3. Get a Quote & Manage Projects:

With your selections finalised, our configurator generates an instant quoting reference for your chosen configuration. This allows you to easily:

Reference Your Selections: Quickly revisit your choices for confirmation or sharing with colleagues.
Download a Quote: Generate a detailed quote to share with our sales team for further assistance or to secure your purchase.

SPC Online Product Configurator
SPC Online Product Configurator

But that’s not all! Our online product configurator offers even more benefits to streamline your project workflow:

Manage Multiple Projects: Schedule and configure multiple projects, each with unique Fan Convectors, Unit Heaters, Air Curtains, and other HVAC products, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Easy Referencing: Need to revisit specific selections for different rooms within a project? Our configurator allows for easy item and room referencing, making project management a breeze.

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