Electric Heater Batteries

SPC provides a wide selection of Electric Heater Batteries, suitable for both rectangular and circular duct mounting. Our Electric Heater Batteries can also be customised to fit within air handling units (some airway blanking may be necessary). Rectangular models feature a robust fully welded steel construction with a grey powder-coated finish. Circular heater batteries are manufactured from rolled galvanised sheet steel. Duties are available from 0.5 to 400kW.

Controllable Electric Heater Batteries

Manufactured using stainless steel elements, SPC Controllable Electric Heater Batteries offer exceptional electrical safety and high heat output. With thyristor control and adjustable settings, these heater batteries are versatile for different installations and have rigorous testing.


Rectangular electric heater batteries are manufactured with casings made from grey stove enamelled 18g mild steel.


Circular electric heater batteries are manufactured from 18g galvanised steel with dimensions to suit ductwork.